Visa Virtual Card

Get a Prepaid Visa Gift Card instantly with your Rewarble Voucher

Get a prepaid Visa card using Rewarble

Use a Rewarble voucher to purchase a Virtual Visa Card. Rewarble offers a fast and reliable way to acquire an online virtual Visa card, which is convenient for people who don't have a credit card. Virtual Visa cards can be used once or reloaded on the Rewarble website.

How do I get a Virtual Visa Card?

To obtain a Virtual Visa Card, buy a Rewarble voucher from a retail partner and redeem it on You can then use your balance to immediately create a Virtual Visa Card for online purchases. The process is simple and fast.

Reloadable Visa card for discreet use

Rewarble's Virtual Visa Card is ideal for those who prefer not to use a credit card online or wish to keep their credit card details private. It offers a discreet and secure way to shop online or pay for services.

Available payment methods for Instant Virtual Visa Cards

Rewarble gift cards can be purchased from various trusted partners using your preferred payment method, including PayPal, cryptocurrency, and bank transfers. This flexibility allows you to shop from a vast selection of online retailers worldwide, with instant delivery on both our partner's website and Rewarble's platform.

What is a Virtual Visa Card?

A Virtual Visa Card functions like a traditional Visa card but is entirely digital. It can be used for online shopping, paying for subscriptions, or any service where Visa is accepted. It's a versatile payment solution for anyone, anywhere.

Pay Online safely and securely

Rewarble ensures a secure and dependable way to fund your digital spending with a Virtual Visa Card. We guarantee the security of your transactions and partner with reputable sellers for our cards. Our customer support is outstanding, ready to assist you with any questions. Feel free to contact us for help at any time.

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Can I copy my card details for future use?

How long is my card valid after activation?

What should I do if my card is suspended?

Who can I contact for assistance or more information?

My transaction keeps getting declined. What can I do?

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