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Top up your Capitalist account with a Gift Card

Rewarble offers a swift and reliable way to increase your Capitalist balance using a Gift Card. This method allows for an immediate transfer of funds to your wallet, bypassing the lengthy waits. Opt for a Rewarble Capitalist Gift Card to effortlessly boost your account funds.

Rewarble funds your Capitalist account

For a top-up, purchase a Rewarble Voucher from any of our retail partners, then visit to redeem it for a Capitalist balance enhancement. Just enter your Account ID, and Rewarble will promptly transfer the funds to your Capitalist account. In mere seconds, your funds will be ready for use.

The quick-fill Capitalist Card

Purchasing your gift card and transferring funds to your Capitalist wallet is done in an instant. Recharging your wallet via Rewarble’s Capitalist top-up service is both quick and convenient. Say goodbye to the frustrating waits for your money to appear in your Capitalist account, especially when you need to make online payments with Capitalist.

What payment methods are available for Capitalist Gift Cards?

Rewarble gift cards can be bought from a range of trusted partners, allowing you to choose your preferred payment method, which includes credit and debit cards (Visa and Mastercard), cryptocurrency, and bank transfers. This variety ensures you have the freedom to shop from numerous online retailers around the world.

Enhance your online spending with Capitalist funds

Capitalist is a widely utilized online payment system that enables users to conduct purchases and money transfers online. It is accepted by a vast number of merchants globally and stands as a favored payment method for online shopping. Capitalist provides a secure and convenient way to complete online transactions. Moreover, you can select the gift card value that fits your budget and requirements.

Safely add money to your Capitalist with peace of mind

Rewarble ensures a secure and reliable method to fund your Capitalist wallet with a Capitalist Gift Card, guaranteeing the safety of your funds when utilizing our services. Rewarble is recognized for its trustworthiness, with many partners who distribute our gift cards also affiliated with us. We also offer outstanding support to our customers or anyone inquiring about Capitalist Gift Cards or our other services. Should you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact us; we are more than happy to help.


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